I’ve got to the point in my life where I really care about some things and could care less about others.

Here are 5 in each category that are on my mind now:

Couldn’t care less about:

What people think of my work.
I used to read Amazon reviews and feedback sheets taking it all very personally. Now it’s just learning and fluff.

Eating in the best restaurants.
I (mistakenly) thought great food had to be expensive.

Going to the office.
I really don’t need to be there. I have an amazing self-motivated team who just get on with running the business. It’s actually better if I’m not there so I don’t even have a desk.

Living by the clock.
My wonderful wife has taught me that (usually) being five minutes later than planned means nothing.

Having the latest version of…
Being an early adopter meant I was always downloading updates, buying the latest version on the day of release and subsequently having lots of hassles. Now I think, if it works stick with it.

What I really care about:

What I eat.
Knowing the source of food and how it was prepared is important to me. I haven’t eaten traditional ‘fast food’ for years.

Older people.
Maybe it’s because I’m heading there myself!

Quality recovery time.
I used to think I could go go go without the need for rest. Now rest and recovery programmed and I’m happier, fitter and more relaxed than ever.

The old Michael Heppell was a broadcaster. I would feel the need to fill every gap. Now I love to listen more than I talk and I’m totally comfortable with silence. You could say the broadcaster has become a receiver.

Obvious and easy to say but very challenging to do. To really care and be seen to be caring rather than saying is the goal.

That’s mine, I’d love to know yours.