I’m always well. The closest I get to any kind of illness is little cold every couple of years which I choose to think about as a cleansing.

A friend of mine ran a news agents for 25 years and didn’t have a single day off.

Compare this to my mum’s neighbour who said, ‘I’m off later this week. I’ve still got a couple of sick days I’m entitled to before the end of the year’.

Yes he proudly told her that he had some sick days left. He is ‘entitled’ to take 10 a year. That’s 2 weeks.

And here’s the rub, he works in the public sector, so you and I are paying for him to take that time off (on the sick) so he can do his Christmas shopping.

My mum thought it was terrible but did she say anything? No. And if I saw him would I say anything to him? Of course not.

We don’t like to challenge people who actively screw the system. We just blog about it.