I’m sick of rude people and today I made a decision to fight back.

You see, I don’t think rude people know they are being rude until they have it pointed out to them. They don’t like it but then neither do I like receiving the rudeness.

So in recent days I’ve pulled up 3 shop assistants. One who gossiped about a hairy biker who was supposed to be losing weight but she’d sold him a pie.

A few members of staff on the East Coast mainline and the check-in person who almost spat at us as we were leaving Guernsey.

Of course I keep it balanced and always point out when people have been helpful or just nice. ie John Lewis, The OGH staff in Guernsey and a very helpful guy who demystified the self service ticket machine at Gatwick.

Yes it’s time to challenge the rude and praise the helpful. Has to be both, has to be thousands of us doing and has to be now!