What an unbelievable morning. I heard there would be extra tickets going on sale this morning and thought lets go for it.

Now let’s rewind 5 years. I put the date of the Opening Ceremony in my diary with the words ‘No bookings today – I will be there’.  Like millions I applied for tickets for the Opening Ceremony last year and like millions didn’t get any.

However I never took the date or my statement out of my diary. Instead I looked at other ways to go. Corporate Hospitality? Too expensive. Volunteer? Chances are I’d get car parking duties in Slough. No if it is to be it is up to me rang through my mind and this morning I prepared.

And that’s the key with goals. Wanting them isn’t enough. It’s all about the action. So I practised ordering online so I would know where the menus and buttons were. I ensured my internet connection was running as fast as possible by turning everything else off. I opened world clock and at exactly 11am I started the order process. So did thousands of others.

But here’s where preparation meets, skill and a bit of luck.  My online ordering was like a Ferrari Pit Stop.  Boom 68 seconds later I have 2 tickets! Goal achieved.

I’m currently at the stage called ridiculously highly excited.