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I’m on a train. No change there but this one’s stuck. I’m stuck between Newark Northgate and Retford on the East Coast main line. I knew we were going to get stuck because I follow East Coast on Twitter. They are very good at pointing out problems as they happen. However, the bit that’s really weird is the staff on the train didn’t know we we’re going to be delayed or why we are stuck. I know more than them.

Now they are apologising and saying as soon as they know how long the delay will be they will let us know. IT’S 30-60 MINUTES!!! You can read about it on Twitter.  

Makes you think though, who knows more about you than you? They’re out there! 


PS While we are stuck you would like to imagine the staff in First Class would be running around making sure everyone has fresh tea and coffee and a slice of their delicious cake. They’re not. They’re sitting having a chat, playing on their phones and waiting. Waiting because they aren’t supposed to do their next service until they have gone past Doncaster. How strange.