I used to like to fly. Even short journeys like the one I take from Newcastle to London (lots) would be on theImage BA flight. But then I started to travel by train – a lot.

Weirdly it’s now faster than flying (to London*) and the best bit no security to go through. That has to be a big bonus, yes?

I traveled through Newcastle Airport recently and after another nasty security check incident I thought it was time to give the shift leader my feedback. ‘Hello. I was wondering, does Newcastle still have the ambition to be the most hospitable airport in the world?’

‘Yes we do’, came the proud reply.

‘Well when are you going to start?’, I offered.

Then I legged it!


If I was really good at blogging I would have ended that story with – Then I legged it and got on a train! But I’m just getting in to the swing of things.